Senior Camp

For Boys and Girls
Rising 3rd – 9th Grades

Campers are grouped by rising grade level

Sessions & Hours

2-9 week options • June 15 – August 14, 2020

FULL DAY: 9:00am – 3:00pm

EXTENDED DAY: 7:30am – 6:30pm

Experiences They’ll never outgrow

The True Life Adventures start here! With a day that begins with team challenges and ends with a dance party. Where we build a real-life carnival from the ground up and learn how to cook mouth-watering recipes. With leadership skills and good citizenship built into everything we do. This is no ordinary camp.

Campers are split into two divisions, each with a wide array of exciting, age-appropriate programs and activities. We are excited to welcome 3rd graders to Senior Camp in 2020.

  • Senior Squad 1 (Rising 3rd-6th Grades)
  • Senior Squad 2 (Rising 7th-9th Grades)


  • True Life Adventures (TLA)
  • Daily Instructional Swimming (Grades 3 & 4)
  • Daily Recreational Swimming (Grades 5th – 9th)
  • DIY Studio New for 2020
  • Sports
  • Senior Quest (Teambuilding and Leadership Activities)

Weekly Specials

  • Archery
  • Martial Arts
  • Fencing
  • Gaga
  • Leadership Development
  • Club Choice
  • Community Connections (Service Learning)
  • Senior Lounge (Rising 7th-9th Grades)
  • Time-Honored Traditions
  • Weekly Theme Days
  • Special Events
  • And More!



June 15 – 19

Traditional, concert, and street styles of percussion meet for a fun-filled musical expression that will result in new compositions, creative insights into music-making and maybe even new dance forms. Play and write folk inspired drum ‘beats’ and learn important musical lessons such as internalization of tempos and improvisation while playing music together. Buckets and found instruments will add to a variety of timbres and ensembles, and aid in producing inventive rhythms. Friends and family are invited to attend “A Symphony of Found Sound” on the last day!


June 22 – 26

One of our most-anticipated traditions in Senior Camp, you will have the opportunity to design and build a Carnival from the ground up. Learn face painting techniques and how to create balloon animals. Become proficient in juggling, clowning and sleight of hand magic tricks. Finalize your Carnival booths and practice your performance skills in preparation for the exciting Main Event hosted for Day Campers on the last day!


June 29 – July 2

Everyone loves emoji’s – those cute and colorful symbols that communicate more than emotions! In this creative TLA, you will use digital graphics to layer emoji’s of different sizes, colors and shapes to create self-portraits, landscapes, and creative works of art. At the end of the week, print out and mat your favorite creation made from these iconic symbols to display at ESF’s Emoji Art Exhibition.

Please note: Camp is closed Friday, July 3rd. 


July 6 – 10

Take flight and join us for an exciting week that propels campers from ground zero to great heights! This aeronautical STEM TLA provides campers with hands-on experiences and insights into the physics of flight, force and motion. The fun is at an all-time high as they design, prototype, build and test their own flying structures and gliders!


July 13 – 17

Conquer the alpine tower with challenges designed for each skill level, under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor. This journey will lead you down the road of self-discovery, as you participate in teambuilding initiatives, collaborative problem-solving activities and exercises designed to develop and enhance the leader in you!


July 20 – 24

Lights, Camera, Action! Go behind-the-scenes in this visual arts inspired TLA, to learn the foundations of digital filmmaking. Whether in the role of director, writer, actor, editor, set or costume designer, you will work in teams to produce a short film using Apple iOS mobile devices and iMovie. At the end of the week, showcase your feature film at the culminating ESF Film Festival!


July 27 – 31

Welcome to a new kind of adventure! Join us for the ultimate treasure hunt and discover the exciting sport of Geocaching! After exploring the fundamentals of geocaching and mastering the use of handheld GPS devices, campers prepare for and embark on outdoor scavenger hunts throughout campus to find hidden “caches” or treasures.


August 3-7

Welcome to ESF’s Ultimate Sport Stacking TLA! Also known as cup stacking or speed stacking, this individual and team fitness sport combines hand­-eye coordination, balance, concentration, quick reflexes, speed and power! Throughout the week, campers increase agility and skills through participation in cup stacking warm-ups, drills and exercises, as well as team and individual timed challenges! Campers will also enjoy outdoor, team building initiatives using large-scale jumbo cups including relays, doubles stacking and more! Friday culminates with The Great ESF Sport Stacking Tournament. How fast can you stack the cups?


Gourmet Camper: A Culinary Tri-fecta

August 10 – 14

Put on your apron, roll up your sleeves, and join us for a Culinary tri-fecta of breakfast, lunch, and dinner specialties – with a splash of appetizers and desserts on the side! With the guidance of our executive chef, create and enjoy palate-pleasing dishes. This hands-on culinary experience will teach you about food preparation and kitchen safety, provide helpful hints for measuring, chopping, mixing, and garnishing, and help you discover the joy of cooking!


The Senior Camp Showdown

Week of July 13th

A week-long competition, where strength, speed, critical thinking and teamwork combine! Events include an inflatable obstacle course, the Amazing Race, Trivia Face-off, Aqua Olympics and more!

Ultimate ESF Games: Green vs. Blue

Week of August 3rd

A fun-filled week of team competitions! Green vs. Blue – who will be this year’s champion?

Evening Events

The Great American Picnic

Thursday, June 25th
3:45pm – 7:00pm

Rising 3rd – 6th Grade only


Thursday, July 23rd
3:45pm – 7:00pm

Rising 7th – 9th Grade only

Flick & Float and Senior Camp Sleepover

Thursday, July 16th

Oldest group only

Enjoy pizza and a fun-filled night floating on a tube in Gilman School’s swimming pool while watching a movie with your friends! Then, spend the night and participate in the oldest Senior Camp Tradition – The Sleepover!

Enhanced Teen Programming

The Apprentice Program

Rising 7th – 9th Grades

Get ready to enjoy enhanced teen programming exclusively designed for our oldest Senior Campers (Squad 2). Campers will create life-long friendships while participating in all Senior Camp traditions and True Life Adventures, coupled with FUN teambuilding activities, leadership training, community service projects, mentoring opportunities with younger campers, project-based team challenges, opportunities to assist with special camp wide events and more. A perfect blend of all the elements of camp life!

ESF’s Aquatics Program

Boys & Girls, Rising PreSchool-9th Grades