Former ESF Camper Zia Victoria Shines on Good Morning America!


ESF Camps is proud to share an incredible achievement from one of our very own! Former camper Zia Victoria, who attended and performed at our camps, made an inspirational appearance on Good Morning America yesterday, leaving us all in awe of her exceptional talent and spirit.

Zia’s journey through the world of entertainment began right here at ESF Camps, where she participated in various camp programs that helped her nurture her passion for the arts. Over the years, Zia displayed resilience, leadership, and inspiration for future generations of campers when she was on tour at ESF, making her a standout performer and a beloved figure among fellow campers.

In her appearance on Good Morning America, Zia thrilled the hosts and audience in front of a national audience with her captivating performance of her new song “High School Wake”, sharing her story and perspective of high school during the pandemic. Her journey serves as an inspiring testament to the potential for every ESF camper to shine brightly in their chosen path!

To watch Zia’s performance on Good Morning America, check out the video by clicking on the following link: Zia Victoria on Good Morning America.

We congratulate Zia on this remarkable achievement and the poise with which she showcases. We are thrilled to have played a part in her journey and are excited to see where her remarkable talent will take her next.

Zia’s story is a testament to the nurturing and supportive environment that ESF Camps strives to provide for all campers. It underscores our commitment to helping young individuals discover and develop their unique talents and passions. We look forward to witnessing more success stories like Zia’s in the future.