ESF Legends Awarded at Family Fling Events this Summer!


For the past four decades, ESF has remained dedicated to making a positive impact on campers’ lives every single summer. Our focus spans from developing character and boosting self-assurance to acquiring new skills. ESF’s mission is to guide campers towards becoming outstanding members of the community and emerging as leaders. Throughout this time, ESF has upheld a range of cherished customs. Some of these customs foster a sense of togetherness and inclusion. Others commemorate personal or team achievements, like The Oracle, while some mark significant transitions, such as Moving Up Ceremonies.

Nonetheless, the ESF Legends program solidifies the foundational principles instilled in the ESF summer camp experience: gratitude, respect, optimism, dependability, diligence, Kindness, resiliency, and community. Numerous campers eagerly anticipate joining the ranks of Legends and rejoicing with their camp peers. This Summer, we organized Family Fling events across all our camp locations to celebrate the season. These gatherings were an occasion to honor our campers and recognize our campers who have dedicated 10 years or more to ESF.

During the ceremony, every ESF Legend was presented with an official “ESF Legend” sweatshirt, a moment that parents could witness firsthand. Upholding these traditions remains a vital aspect of ESF camp, reinforcing the enjoyment, camaraderie, and enthusiasm that define each summer for every camper.

ESF Family Fling at The Gilman School

Michael J. Rouse (ESF CEO), Myles Brush (ESF Legend), Jeff Ackerman (ESF Legend), Jaiden Reeves (ESF Legend), Greg Ackerman (Regional Director) and Ryan DeSmit (Site Director) 




ESF Family Fling at The Academy of the Holy Cross

Erika Correa (Assistant Site Director), Greg Ackerman (Regional Director), Isaac Arnold (ESF Legend), Jamie Sorge (Site Director), and Adam Webber (SportsLab Director) 




ESF Family Fling at Greenwich Catholic School

Shanitra Brinson (SportsLab Director), Jenny Smith (Site Director), Cameron Lerer (ESF Legend), Michael J. Rouse (ESF CEO)




ESF Family Fling at The Montgomery School 

Rowan Blum-Bender (ESF Legend), Elisabeth O’Boyle (ESF Legend), Reyna Steinberg (ESF Legend), Traci Loftus (Site Director), Megan Loftus (ESF Legend) 




ESF Family Fling at William Allen Middle School

Thalia Marie Cotto (ESF Legend) and Allison Rauso (Site Director)