• Week of July 9-13
  • Week of July 23-27


  • Week of July 25-29: Mexican Fiesta (4th Grade only) (3:45PM-7PM)
  • Week of July 30-Aug 3: Luau Beach Party (5th & 6th Grade only) (3:45PM-7PM)
  • Week of July 16-20: Sleepover (Oldest Group only) 8:00PM
  • Week of August 6-10: Flick & Float (Oldest Group only) (6:00PM-8:30PM)
    Enjoy pizza and a fun-filled night floating on a tube in the swimming pool while watching a movie with your friends!


  • Week of July 16-20
    This fun-filled, high-energy event features obstacle courses and circuits designed to enhance physical fitness, speed, agility and coordination. Take the Challenge!


  • Week of August 13-17

ENHANCED SENIOR CAMP PROGRAMMING You’ve asked and we’ve answered… Get ready to enjoy enhanced teen programming exclusively designed for our OLDEST senior camp group (age 13-15). Campers will create life-long friendships while participating in all Senior Camp traditions and True Life Adventures, coupled with FUN leadership activities, community service projects, mentoring opportunities with younger campers, and project-based team challenges. A perfect blend of all the elements of camp life!

Reach new heights through innovative True Life Adventures! Enjoy fun, award-winning activities: art, swimming, team-building, sports, fencing, archery, Gaga, Zumba® Fitness, martial arts, service learning initiatives, Oracle Games and more!


Week of June 18-22

Song Writing and Digital Music Production
Explore music fundamentals and enjoy daily “jam sessions” with a professional producer. Compose and record your own hit songs with high-tech, multi-media technology using the Garage Band and MadPad apps on an iPad. For the grand finale, perform at the annual “ESF Music Awards.” Friends and family are invited to attend.

Week of June 25-29

Acting and Improv
Discover your inner actor! With the guidance of an acting coach, participate in theater games, drama exercises, and creative activities designed to expand your speaking, acting, improvisation and comedic skills! Friends and family are invited to an “Afternoon of Improv & Sketch Comedy” on the last day!

Week of July 2-6

Camp Carnival, Circus Skills and Magic
One of our most-anticipated traditions in Senior Camp, you will have the opportunity to design and build a Carnival from the ground up. Learn face painting techniques and how to create balloon animals. Become proficient in juggling, clowning and sleight of hand magic tricks. Finalize your Carnival booths and practice your performance skills in preparation for the exciting Main Event hosted for Day Campers on the last day!

Week of July 9-13

Digital Photography: Inspired by the Masters
See the world through a new lens as you study the works and styles of famous master photographers. Explore photography techniques, learn about digital camera functionality and gain hands-on experience while taking photographs that are inspired by the Masters. Mat and display your favorite photograph at the Gallery Exhibition on the last day.

Week of July 16-20

Found Sound Bucket Band 
Traditional, concert, and street styles of percussion meet for a fun-filled musical expression that will result in new compositions, creative insights into music-making and maybe even new dance forms. Play and write folk inspired drum ‘beats’ and learn important musical lessons such as internalization of tempos and improvisation while playing music together. Buckets and found instruments will add to a variety of timbres and ensembles, and aid in producing inventive rhythms. Friends and family are invited to attend “A Symphony of Found Sound” on the last day!

Week of July 23-27

Speedcubing: Learn How to Solve the Rubik’s Cube!
Ready, Set, Go! Can you solve “the Cube”?  Unlock the secrets and learn what it takes to solve everyone’s favorite puzzle: The Rubik’s Cube. If you are new to the sport or a puzzle enthusiast, we will walk you through the process one step at a time. If you are a more experienced Cuber, this is your opportunity to refine your skills and improve your speed! Once you have memorized the algorithms and practiced your moves, you and your “fast-moving fingers” will be ready to compete in the first-ever ESF Speedcubing Competition on the last day! Are you up for the challenge?

Week of July 30-Aug 3

Gourmet Camper: Good Morning ESF!   
Experts say that a hearty breakfast is the most important meal of the day! This TLA is an all-out, breakfast bonanza where you will learn how to start your morning off right! Under the guidance of our executive chef, prepare and sample quick and easy breakfast recipes that are as tasty, as they are nutritious. Recipes include homemade waffles, pancakes, French toast, garden omelets, hash browns, fruit smoothies and more. Learn about food preparation, kitchen safety and helpful hints for measuring, chopping, mixing, and garnishing. Join us and make your first meal of the day count!

Week of Aug 6-10

Outdoor Adventure:  Rockwall
Conquer a towering Rockwall with challenges designed for each skill level, under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor. This journey will lead you down the road of self-discovery, as you participate in teambuilding initiatives, collaborative problem-solving activities and exercises designed to develop and enhance the leader in you!

Week of Aug 13-17

Color Splash: A Tie Dyed TLA   
If you like Tie-dye and DIY, then this TLA is for you! During this color-filled week, you will get your “groovy on” and flash back to the 1960’s, as you explore the process of “Tie dye”. From spirals to circles, straight lines and stripes, the design possibilities will be endless. With brilliant colors, experiments and projects from head to toe, you will explore techniques to help you tie dye like a pro!

ESF's Aquatics Program

Boys & Girls, Rising PREK-10th Grades