Campers Gear Up to Climb the Rock Wall


With their harnesses fastened tight to their waists and their helmets securely buckled, the campers stepped up to the mat to face the rock wall that loomed in front of them. The Cree Tribe and Voyagers had an extra block of time this morning to climb the wall before the sun’s strong rays shined down on them in the afternoon.



They took turns climbing up three different faces of the rockwall that ranged in difficulty from easy, normal and hard. What defines the difficulty of each wall, according to rock wall True Life Adventure (TLA) Specialist Katie, comes down to a few different components. One of these are the size of the footholds. The easier rockwalls will have larger footholds that are closer together compared to the more challenging rock wall. The wall itself was also more challenging on the harder wall where there were extensions of the wall, creating larger hurdles for the campers to climb over.



Along with climbing the wall, some of the campers tried climbing the wall blindfolded. Their fellow campers served as their eyes as they guided them from foothold to foothold. They gave them encouragement and pushed them to reach for the next foothold as they got closer and closer to reaching the button at the top of the rock wall.