Caterpillars on the Court


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Happy Brazil Open Week!

Tennis Campers started Thursday by practicing a drill named “Caterpillar.” Caterpillar is a footwork drill that focuses on shuffling and keeping your eyes on the ball. As a group, you have to shuffle to avoid being touched by the ball. If you are touched, you are out!

Before Caterpillar, Tennis Campers warmed up by playing a running drill that helps campers improve their court navigation skills. Court terms such as net, baseline, service line, service box and doubles alley were called to direct the campers where to go. The last person to arrive at the location was out.


Next, campers worked on their backhands and forehands with a stations drill. This drill allowed the campers to make two hits before moving to the next station.

After lunch, all of the campers jumped right back onto the court for tennis related games like “Bobsled”, “King of the Court” and “Jail.” They also played matches and games against each other in preparation for the tournament finals tomorrow!