Big Splash Water Festival


The day campers had a blast this morning in Junior Quest’s special event, the Big Splash Water Festival! Our Junior Quest Specialist first had the campers play a game called Drip, Drip, Drop, similar to Duck, Duck, Goose.

The campers formed a circle, then one camper walked around the circle holding a soaked sponge over their tribemates heads. The camper said “Drip” as they passed by each camper in the circle, then yelled “Drop!” once they squeezed the sponge over one of the other camper’s heads. The day campers then chased each other around the circle and tried to tag the person who had dropped water on them.

jr quest 3

The next game they played was the classic sponge bucket race. The Cree tribe split up into two teams and worked together to transfer water from one bucket to another across the field. The campers enjoyed getting wet so much, that our Junior Quest Specialist brought out a sprinkler for the day campers to splash around in.

jr quest 5

It was a fair-game once the campers got a hold of cups. No one was safe as the campers chased their counselors and Junior Quest Specialist around the playground!

jr quest