Sports Circuit Showdown



Sports Camp worked hard on the baseball diamond as they started their day with a fielding, catching and batting circuit. Camp split into their teams as Coach Scott set up the stations.

Before the event started, Sports camp had their weekly coaches challenge! To go along with the baseball theme, campers cheered on their coaches as they played Dizzy Bat. There was a lot of laughing as campers watched their coaches spin around and try to hit the ball. Some coaches were so dizzy they actually fell over!

After the silliness of the morning subsided, campers got ready to work on their skills. Coach Sean’s station focused on catching skills. When running to catch a fly ball, campers should always keep their eye on it and call out that they plan to catch it.


Coach Scott’s station taught campers how to properly lead during a pitch. When the pitcher looks back to the base, campers have to think and react fast.

Coach Jay’s station allowed campers to work on their batting skills. He lobbed campers a ball that campers hit into a field. Campers learned to keep their eye on the ball and their back elbow up.


Coach Kim’s station taught campers how to properly run to first base. It is very important to look at the base instead of the ball.

It was an eventful day that taught campers a lot more about baseball!