Mixture Monday in Major Camp



Major and Tech Camp began Week 6 with some really cool mini experiments. Mess Fest: Radical Reactions and Extreme Experiments (offered in Exclusive Partnership with The Franklin Institute) learned that polymers are small units that join together to make a larger unit. Campers learned that slime is actually a polymer!

“Have you guys seen Ghost Busters?” We were excited to replicate the movie by actually making our very own slime. Campers combined glue and water until the mixture turned from a liquid to a solid! Styrofoam added extra texture to the slime as campers squeezed their creations to make new shapes.



Tech Adventures: Session B – Super Hero Tech and Robot Challenge learned that we can actually extract the iron found in cornflakes with the help of some magnets! Campers filled a cup full of water and watched as the cornflakes sunk to the bottom. They were amazed when they put a magnet inside and the cornflakes started floating!

Tech Adventures further extracted the metal out of the cornflakes by blending the water and cornflakes until it was no longer a solid. When they put the magnets to the side of the cup, they saw small pieces of iron sticking to the magnet through the cup! When campers eat cornflakes from now on, they will know where their nutrients are coming from!