5 Reasons Why Summer Camp is a Great Gift


Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, finding the perfect gift for the kids in your life can sometimes be overwhelming. Why not give the gift of ESF Summer Camps? We know kids, and our program offerings are designed to ignite their interests and fuel their passions.

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5 Reasons Why Summer Camp Is a Great Gift

  1. Experience
    People are trading in quantity for quality. As they swap material gifts for experiences, studies suggest those who are refocusing their purchases on outings, activities, and events are finding longer-lasting happiness and fulfillment. And it’s not just participating in the actual event or activity; it’s anticipation of it that creates that feeling of happiness. Knowing that they’re going camp is enough to make kids smile. 
  2. Discovery
    ESF is designed to help kids discover new interests and passions. In one week at ESF, campers can be chefs, artists, engineers, athletes, adventurers and so much more. One program can spark a passion that lasts a lifetime, and maybe even launches a career! With more than 60 programs for every age and interest, we’ve got your camper covered.
  3. Confidence
    Discovery breeds confidence as children become more in tune with the interests and activities that drive them. At ESF, campers are in a safe environment to take risks and try new things, while knowing that their camp community is behind them every step of the way. Ninety-seven percent of ESF parents report that their child gained more self-confidence after their summer camp experience!
  4. Friendship
    We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, camp friendships are unlike any other. When a camper spends so much time learning, growing, exploring and discovering alongside a group of their peers, it forms a bond that’s hard to break. These are the friends who will support them, even though they may live miles away during the school year and who will always be there for them. Ask anyone who has been to camp: The friends you make at summer camp are your friends for life.

  5. Memories
    These are the months that will shape a child’s entire life. During the school year, they’ll tell their friends, their teachers, and just about anyone else who will listen all about their summer. When they’re grown up, they won’t talk about the toys they played with – they’ll tell their children stories of the amazing summers they had at camp. Trust us, they’ll have plenty of stories to share.

Give the gift of ESF Summer Camp this holiday season and give your special camper an experience filled with discovery, confidence, friendship, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Order before December 20th, choose the gift option on your registration form, and we’ll send you a personalized gift certificate to give your camper this holiday season!