Frisbee Golf


Today in Sports Camp, traditional golf was reinvented into frisbee golf! ACC sports campers teamed up campers from Big Ten, Big East and Ivy for a friendly game of frisbee golf. In place of the holes that exist in regular golf, hula hoops were placed. In the games played today, teams had to use a soccer ball and frisbee to aim at the hula hoop and attempt to make it in. Each throw was added to the final score.


The teams took turns using a soccer ball and frisbee with the younger campers. Campers also had to wait for their teammates to finish at a hoop before moving on to the next. The game provided campers with accuracy skills since they had to be precise when throwing the frisbee or kick the ball toward the hula hoops. Campers learned that its not about being the strongest but being the most accurate.