Sports Camp Festival


Yesterday was a special day in Sports Camp! The oldest campers joined together to mentor the younger campers for the Sports Camp Festival before they all part ways for the summer. Before the festival began, the older campers worked with their coaches to come up with various drills and games to teach. They decided that they would focus on building the campers’ soccer skills and broke up into stations to cover different aspects of the game.

The first station focused on dribbling. After the Big Ten and ACC campers explained the activity, the Big East and Ivy League campers weaved through a line of cones while dribbling and then passed the ball onto the next camper. Once they got comfortable dribbling the ball, they took it to the next level with a game of keep-away. In this game, each camper had a ball that they had to dribble around without letting it go out of bounds. The last person to keep their ball became the winner.

Next, campers moved on to a station where they practiced offense and defense. Two or three campers would pass the ball amongst each other while trying to prevent the defender from getting the ball. It was the defenders goal to intercept passes or steal the ball away from other players.

Finally, the campers practiced their shooting skills at the last station. One of the older campers acted as goalie while the younger campers dribbled the ball and took a shot. They ran through various drills and practiced shooting from different locations and distances.

Overall, the Big Ten and ACC campers were great mentors as they worked with the younger campers to help improve their soccer skills. It was a lot of fun having all of the campers working together. I believe we have some future coaches in the making!