Day 2 Gets Messy


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The second day of camps is winding down at ESF Haverford. While as equally jam-packed with fun as this morning, this afternoon the campers got a little messy. In their True Life Adventure (TLA), campers stepped into their Chef Hats and got a chance to hand-make their own guacamole!

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Using some avocados, salt and a little bit of lime, the Day Campers were able to create their own Mexican side dish. In addition to their triumphs in the kitchen, the campers switched to making their own hats to show off their skills on the canvas.


The campers rolled, brushed and colored their hearts out this afternoon.


The second day of camp went just as smoothly as the first. The team at ESF Haverford is looking forward to a Wonderfully Wacky Wednesday tomorrow!

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