What’s New for your Rising 4th Grader in 2019!


*Grade level is reflective of your camper’s grade in Fall 2019

Your intellectually curious rising fourth grader is extremely industrious and pushes their limits while exploring the world around them. While naturally restless and competitive in nature, we work hard to keep these campers busy with athletic activities, scientific exploration and creative endeavors.* With an emphasis on freedom of choice and self-guided learning, Summer 2019 brings a wide array of programming specifically designed to help your rising 4th grade camper thrive.

Here’s what’s NEW for your child this summer.

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Camp Options: Senior Camp, Sports Camp, Tennis Camp, Specialty Major Camp, Technology Camp

Welcome to Senior Camp!

Reach new heights through innovative programs designed to broaden the horizons for our oldest campers. Fun activities include True Life Adventures, daily swimming, art, sports, team initiatives, service learning, leadership skills and much more!

Highlights Include:

The Senior Camp Showdown!
A week-long competition, where strength, speed, critical thinking and teamwork combine! Events include an inflatable obstacle course, the Amazing Race, Trivia Face-off, Aqua Olympics and more!
July 15-19

New Fiesta Evening Activity!
Thursday, July 11

New True Life Adventure (TLA) Lineup!

Beyond Words: Sign LanguageJune 17-21
Camp Carnival, Circus Skills and MagicJune 24-28
Emoji Art: Digital GraphicsJuly 1-5
Songwriting and Music ProductionJuly 8-12
Outdoor Adventure: The Rock WallJuly 15-19
Gourmet Camper: A Taste of ItalyJuly 22-26
Digital Photography: Inspired by the MastersJuly 29-August 2
Think Tank: Minds in MotionAugust 5-9
Kids Inc. : The Perfect Pitch
– Powered by the Jack Welch Management Institute
 August 12-16


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Learn More, Play More, BE More!

The NEW SportsLab is ESF Sports Camp re-imagined! With a multi-sport focus, you will enjoy skills contests, gameplay, and a variety of fun events each week. The novice and experienced athlete will be exposed to a dynamic combination of sports and character with instruction by top-notch coaches, geared to individual skill levels. 

Campers will play core sports such as basketball, soccer, baseball, flag football, and lacrosse, with choices to try European team handball, floor/street hockey, and daily swimming.

What’s New:

SportsLab Iron Camper Week!
This fun and exciting action-packed week includes daily team events in the areas of strength, fitness, and endurance.
July 15-19

New World League Schedule
Weeks of July 8-12 and July 22-26

Official performance Tee for each camper

Master Coach Guest Speakers

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Where Tennis is fun and improvement is guaranteed! Individual and group instruction with match play for beginner, intermediate and advanced players and continuous improvement for all skill levels.

What’s New

New skills contests
New tournaments
New round-robins
New drills
New match play
New games and activities!

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Dive into your passions with one of our Specialty Major Camps!

New Show! ESF Summer Stage: Theater and Performing Arts

July 15-19 & July 22-26: Rising Grades 3-7
Note: This is a 2-week program
Explore the world of theater and performing arts! Open auditions start day one at the ESF Casting Call. Whether singer, dancer, or actor, showcase your unique talents and be cast in the role of your dreams. Discover the many facets of being on a theatrical team while exploring all aspects of dramatic and musical theater in preparation for a Theatrical Production on the last day. Family and friends are invited to attend this premier event.

Who Dunnit?
*Offered in exclusive partnership with The Franklin Institute

July 29 – August 2: Rising Grades 2-4
Follow the clues and find the evidence! Join us for a week of creative problem-solving as you become crime scene investigators, examining evidence like fingerprints, footprints, trace evidence, and liquid spatter. Work as a team to uncover the clues, and then use your powers of deduction to solve a mystery—having tons of fun along the way!

Harry Potter Lego® Engineering

August 12-16: Rising Grades 3-5
Master the magic of Harry Potter using LEGO®! Build Diagon Alley in preparation for your trip to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Hop on your broomstick and play Quidditch, challenge the serpentine Basilisk, and face the evil Voldemort. Hone your magical skills while learning about Advanced Muggle (STEM) concepts.

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Choose from a variety of Technology Camps for a hands-on experience that allows for imagination, exploration and fun!

Intro to Mixed Media: Photography & Filmmaking

July 15-19: Rising Grades 4-6
Have you ever dreamed about becoming a famous YouTuber? Do you have aspirations of being a world-renowned photographer or filmmaker? In this hands-on program, campers learn the fundamental skills of videography, visual storytelling, photography, and photo editing. Imagination and creativity come to life as they photograph elements of camp life and collaborate with their team to create short-form multimedia projects. No experience necessary.

Junior Minecraft® and Roblox®

July 22-26: Rising Grades 2-4
This program fuses together two of the most popular gaming platforms in the world to offer campers the gaming experience of a lifetime! Campers embark on a virtual adventure as they exercise their creativity in an atmosphere centered on “world building” and interaction. Campers learn about environment and game construction using Minecraft and Roblox® while using drag-and-drop visual tools to imagine, design, build, and play in their custom game creations. No prior experience is required.

Engineering & Robotics

August 5-9: Rising Grades 4-6
In this tech adventure, campers work on robotics projects while refining their engineering and programming skills. After entering the fantastic world of Lego® Mindstorms and collaborating with their team, they plan, construct, program and test fully functioning, sophisticated robots that complete simple to complex tasks. Take the Challenge!

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