What time is it, Mr. Pirate?


Mini Camp had a pirate-themed morning today in Sports. Campers warmed up with an obstacle course journey to Treasure Island. They leaped over a jumprope river and crawled through a hulu hoop tunnel to arrive at their destination. At the island, Sports Specialist Beth lead campers through a treasure hunt. Campers collected various treasures scattered throughout Teepee Village and practiced hand-eye coordination as they tossed the items into their treasure chest.



Mini campers then got moving in the game “What time is it, Mr. Pirate?” In this game, campers took turns being Mr. Pirate and calling out a time between 1 o’clock and 12 o’clock. The remaining campers then took a number of steps toward Mr. Pirate corresponding to the time. When the campers were close to the pirate, he or she called out “Dinner time!” Campers then scattered and sprinted back to the starting line to avoid being tagged out by the pirate.