All-Star Soccer in Day Camp


Tuesday is Sports Tournament Day in Day Camp! Today, campers played All-Star Soccer with Sports Specialist Colin. They started the day with a warm-up and stretch in Teepee Village. Colin then showed campers proper body positioning and form to kick the soccer ball with accuracy. He reminded campers to use the inside of their feet when passing or receiving to retain control of the ball.



After the demo, Day campers participated in an All-Star Soccer Agility Challenge. To start the obstacle course, campers punted the ball to a teammate across the field who caught the ball and punted it back. Campers then dribbled through a line of cones as quickly as they could and ended the challenge weaving around the teepees in Teepee Village. Campers loved practicing kicking with power and seeing how far they could pass with accuracy. Thank you, Day campers, for an awesome Sports Tournament Day!