Refining the Serve


We have had a fantastic US Open Week in Tennis Camp! After campers warmed up by receiving forehand and backhand feeds from their coaches, they were ready to focus on refining their serves. All Tennis campers gathered on the deck and received a demo from Tennis Camp Directors Rod and Frank on proper serving form. They reminded campers to bring their racquets behind them following a “j-curve” to get into effective hitting position and to toss the ball directly in front to avoid hyperextending before the serve.


In the afternoon, campers watched the semifinal and final matches for the weekly Tennis Camp Tournament. As the top four tournament players faced off, other campers made observations about the strategies they used to win points. They noted that tournament players used more advanced hits including lobs, volleys and half volleys for various offensive and defensive purposes.


Thank you for a great week Tennis Camp, and we’ll see you on Monday!