Mini Camp Barnyard Moosical


All week in Creative & Performing Arts, Mini campers have been practicing for their debut performance of The Barnyard Moosical! Campers worked hard to memorize their lines and choreography with CPA Specialist April. They also participated in a variety of performance exercises to get comfortable being on stage and taking on the roles of barnyard characters. In one exercise, campers played an acting version of Freeze Dance. As the music played, they pretended to be chickens, cows and more.


This morning, Mini campers were excited to finally dress up in the costumes they made for the show. Camp visitors, including parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and siblings from across camp filed into the auditorium and it was show time! The Barnyard Moosical featured gourmet chef goats who roll pizza dough, dancing cows, pigs who love to clean and funky chickens. We are so proud of Mini Camp for putting on such a great performance!