Sink or Float: Campers Test Their Boats


In Junior Quest today the camper made home made boats out of tin foil and used it at the structural base. They were challenged to test how many pennies could weigh down their boat before it would sink to the bottom.



The campers created all different shapes and sizes of boats that they thought would hold the most pennies. Junior Quest Specialist Rachel and the campers’ counselors helped them make their boats however way they wanted. Some of the older campers had access to plastic cups and straws which they could add to their boat to keep it afloat.



When the boats were completed, Rachel and the counselors helped the campers keep track of how many pennies were in the boat as they dropped them into their vessels. While some sank water quickly, others could hold one hundred pennies or more in their boats without sinking or hitting the bottom of the water tin. The campers showed their creativity and innovation with their boat designs and some of them chose to go back to the drawing board to think of a more successful boat creation.