Senior Campers Drum to the Beat


This week the Senior campers are learning how to keep the beat. In True Life Adventure (TLA) they are learning how to bucket drum as part of Found Sound Bucket Band. Bucket drumming utilizes a mixture of traditional, concert and street styles of percussion using just an overturned bucket and a pair of drumsticks.


Today, the campers got comfortable with banging their drumsticks against the buckets and creating different sounds and rhythms. For safety, all the campers are required to wear earplugs during the class to protect their ears from the loud drumming noises. Relaxed, rest and ready are the three different stick positions that are practiced by the campers that signify if they are ready to play the drums or not. When the campers aren’t playing, the sticks sit in relaxed position and are laid across the campers’ laps. As they prepare to play, the sticks stand upright in the air in the rest position. Finally, the sticks hover above the bucket ready to play when they are in ready position.


The campers added some personality to their drumsticks which they’ll be keeping after the end of the week. They used markers and different colored duct tape to make their drumsticks unique. Many of the Senior campers have previous experience playing the drums or another instrument so they have a lot of experience that will help them excel in this week’s TLA.  Later in the week, the campers will be learning how to keep the beat when drumming and create their own compositions for A Symphony of Found Sound on Friday!