Relay Race For the Spirit Stick


The Day campers had a fun and exciting Spirit Stick Challenge this morning at Teepee Village! Each tribe participated in a relay race. Each camper on each tribe had to dress like a counselor and put on a white polo, a red fanny pack and a pair of neon orange GO BIG sunglasses. By the way some of the campers struggled with getting all of the garments on, the challenge showed it’s not so easy being an ESF Camp Counselor.


After putting on all their clothing and accessories they had to run to the cone on the far end of the field and return to their team to pass off their items to the next camper. Everyone had a lot of fun with the challenge and the campers cheered on their fellow campers as they ran down the field. It didn’t matter if the polos were put on inside out or backwards; as long as the shirts were on the campers’ bodies they were ready to run. Some were holding the fanny packs up because the straps were too long to fit around the campers’ small bodies compared to that of a counselor.


The campers worked quickly to transfer the items from one camper to the next to get done the relay as quick as possible. After everyone crossed the finish line, the winning tribe was Ponca and they received the spirit stick for the day!