38 years of operational excellence has prepared ESF to adapt to changing conditions, ensuring a safe, fun-filled experience for your child. We’ve organized below the questions that we have received to date into a Q&A format. We will update this page to anticipate any questions you may have.

Do you anticipate any interruptions to your programs?

We are planning for every possible scenario this summer which includes: having a camp season that starts a little later than expected and offering an interactive on-line experience at home. We have a dedicated team that meets weekly to monitor the situation, and we have direct lines to every school partner, state and local government agencies, local health organizations, our Camp Doctor, American Camp Association (ACA) and other experts. Should a change occur, we’ll notify you with as much advanced notice as possible.

Should I be confident in enrolling today? What if my plans change?

Yes. You can enroll with confidence, especially considering you may need more flexibility this summer than normal. Please note that many families are continuing to enroll, especially for July and August sessions, and like you, have the flexibility to make changes.

For more information, please check out our Ease of Mind Policy.

My children need something to do this summer, but I want flexibility. Can you help?

Not to worry! ESF is here for you. We’ve made adjustments to our typical policy to provide more flexibility this summer including: no transfer fees; unlimited credit protection; and the ability to make unlimited changes—with no fees—up to one week before the start of your camp session.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Our normal policy states that after April 1st, no refunds are issued and after May 1st no refunds or credits are issued. Given this unprecedented time, we are providing families with our new Credit Protection Plan as a part of our new  Ease of Mind Policy. Please note if the camp season is modified in any way, we will adjust your tuition accordingly and you will receive a 100% credit for tuition fees paid that never expires (fully transferable to family/friends) and your credits can be applied to any of our camps. Once a decision is made in the later part of May, we will notify you immediately with specific details.

What are you doing to ensure the health and wellness of campers and staff?

Our medical team of experts, including our lead physician and nurse, are focused on developing and implementing additional safety measures, on-site protocols and staff training for the upcoming summer. As the pandemic progresses each week, we continue to evaluate, refine and prepare our plans for camp to operate safely and successfully.

In addition, we have been in weekly communications with the American Camp Association’s (ACA) President, Tom Rosenberg. The CDC and ACA will be releasing guidelines for summer camps within the next two weeks. Their recommendations will serve as our baseline. As one of the safest camps in America, our safety protocols will exceed their guidelines, be amended accordingly, and be implemented into every aspect of our camp operation. How these new guidelines may impact the start date of camp are being evaluated by our medical team as well.

The following protocols are always in place every summer to prevent and respond to illness:

· Currently, each year all of our staff members receive a minimum of 8 hours of training before the first day of camp.

· Daily cleaning of our sites, good hygiene habits, regularly disinfecting spaces, and frequent and thorough hand washing and utilizing sanitizer wipes before and after eating, are common preventative measures we do daily on-site at our camps.

· As always, we have Registered Nurses at each site.

· Our Staff confirms with families during check-in that their camper is in good health and has not been exposed to a communicable disease in the past 14 days.

· Prior to the first day of camp, we require all campers and staff to provide updated vaccination records and medical clearances.

· Our Staff regularly wipes down and disinfects commonly touched areas.

· Our Staff escorts our campers to the restrooms before and after lunch, promoting frequent and thorough handwashing techniques: 20 seconds using soap and warm water. Hand sanitizer wipes will also be available.

· Staff reiterates good coughing/sneezing etiquette (using a tissue or covering coughs and sneezes with the fold of the arm).

· If staff or campers have a temperature of 100.4 degrees or greater, or other relevant symptoms while at camp, they will be kept isolated in a designated area (other than the nurse’s office) while waiting to go home.

· We require a physician’s or healthcare practitioner’s clearance before returning to camp or work.



Revised 5/4/2020