Choose from a variety of technology programs for a hands-on experience that allows for imagination, exploration and fun!  Our line-up of programs includes Minecraft®, Roblox®, Robotics, Game Development, Virtual Reality, Coding, Digital Mixed Media and more! 

June 24-28

Innovation Project: A Camp for Makers, Designers and ThinkersGrades 4-7

July 8-12

Adventures in Roblox®Grades 4-6
Advanced Mixed Media: Photography and FlimmakingGrades 6-8
Junior Code SquadGrades 2-4

July 15-19

First Step RoboticsGrades K-2
Indie Game Developer in Roblox®Grades 6-8
Intro to Mixed Media: Photography and FilmmakingGrades 4-6
Junior Robotics LabGrades 2-4

July 22-26

eSports for the GamerGrades 6-8
Junior Minecraft® and Roblox®Grades 2-4
Minecraft® AdventuresGrades 4-6


July 29-August 2

Adventures in Roblox®Grades 4-6
Flight School: Drone ExpeditionsGrades 4-8
Programming with Scratch®Grades 2-4

August 5-9

Engineering and RoboticsGrades 4-6
First Steps MakerspaceGrades K-2
Junior Minecraft® and Roblox®Grades 2-4
Virtual Reality: Designing 3D Worlds and ExperiencesGrades 6-8

August 12-16

Junior Robotics LabGrades 2-4
Minecraft® AdventuresGrades 4-6

Encore Weeks at ESF Headquarters in Bryn Mawr, PA

August 19-23

Encore Week: Adventures in Roblox®Grades 4-6
Encore Week: Junior Code SquadGrades 2-4
Encore Week: Junior Robotics LabGrades 2-4

August 26-30

Encore Week: Engineering and RoboticsGrades 4-6
Encore Week: Junior Minecraft® and Roblox®Grades 2-4
Encore Week: Programming with Scratch®Grades 2-4