Making Windsocks in Project Discovery


It isn’t too difficult to make a windsock; all you need is a few materials and the right breeze and the windsocks will blow freely with each gust of wind. The campers made their own windsocks in Project Discovery that they could hang outside or hold in their hand and watch it move in all directions.


The base of the windsock is usually made out of paper into a certain shape but today Project Discovery Specialist Janine constructed them out of cone paper cups. The campers decorated the cups with a myriad of different colors. Then they picked the colored ribbons they wanted hanging on the end of their windsocks.


After a string was attached to the top the windsocks were complete! The campers moved their arms around, sending their windsocks through different paths in the air. While some planned to hang their windsocks outside their house, others were just as happy holding it in their hand and watching it blow behind them as they walked around camp.