Campers Celebrate the Eclipse


The campers today celebrated the solar eclipse by creating their own sunshine art paintings. They made their sunshine paintings by first putting a circle of shaving cream on a piece of plastic to keep the mess contained. Then their counselors squeezed a few drops of yellow and red food coloring onto the fluffy pile of shaving cream.


Using a cotton swab, the campers swirled the colors around in their shaving cream until the design was exactly how they wanted it. Some continued to mix it until the colors mixed together to create a peach color and others tried to keep the swirls of colors separate.


They were given a piece of paper to lightly place on top of their colorful shaving cream creation which, when peeled off, would create a bright and cheery design that resembled the sun. The Senior campers got more creative with their color choices and chose other colors to include in their paintings like blue and green.


Later in the afternoon the campers watched the eclipse inside on NASA’s live stream of the event which provided a safe alternative to viewing the eclipse outside. The campers were huddled around some of the televisions as they waited to see the solar eclipse with their fellow campers. The live streams and newscasts allowed the campers to still enjoy the eclipse while not being at risk of damaging their eyesight.