Summer’s First Pep Rally



Yesterday afternoon was the first pep rally of the summer, and it was a great turnout! All the camps (day, senior, and sports) gathered together in the field house to support the sports campers as they prepared for their first World League Games. The younger sports campers traveled to ESF Gilman in Baltimore today. ESF Georgetown Prep sports campers spent the day competing in numerous sports games against the ESF Gilman sports campers. Later in the summer, older ESF Georgetown Prep sports campers will travel to ESF Gilman.


To the delight of all the campers, Mr. Respectacular made a surprise appearance! He introduced himself and then reiterated what the three R’s stood for: Respect yourself, Respect others, and Respect the environment. The campers loved interacting with him while he ran around the entire circle to pump everyone up!


To add to the fun, counselors faced each other in two lines while holding Styrofoam noodles. They swished the noodles around while each sports camp team ran through the tunnel in a dramatic entrance!

DSC_0469   DSC_0470

At the opposite end of the tunnel, there was a poster that was labeled with the team name. The campers were so excited to run through the tunnel and through the poster! The energy in the field house was dynamic as campers came together to support Sports Camp.


Once all the teams had their turn to run through the tunnel, they all gathered in a circle in the middle of the basketball court. Campers and counselors shared their excitement about visiting and hopefully defeating ESF Gilman! The cheering on the sides from the other campers were a great addition to this optimistic environment.


As the pep rally came to an end, some sports campers played a quick one-on-one basketball game with their counselors. Thanks to everyone who showed up to our first successful pep rally of the summer! We cannot wait to hear the results from the ESF Georgetown Prep vs. ESF Gilman sports games.

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